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Group Picture - September 2012
L_R, Floor-Libby LaBarre Osborne, Anne Bolin Morgan, Lorraine Wright Stephen, Ann Strecker Brownell, Ann Harman Tiber, Nancy Riley, Maxine McKnight Racer, Patty Moyers Ionno, Sue Craft McKnight
Row 1-Patty Spindler Love, Velva Bauerbach Stewart, Clyta Swartz Patterson, Neva Trippett Sandford, Elsie Schwartz Bonnette, Dianne Wehrs Vezza, Annette Remmele Haddox, Betty Adams Wheaton
Row 2-Nancy Macvittie Seyler, Kristin Spindler Bolden, Judy Peters Callander, Abbie Green Hart, Sue Seyler Kelley, Gary Beck, Tim Rosenbusch, Helen Kerns Leach, Betty Doak Brown, Sally Benson Deem, Ed Kostelnik, Evelyn Swartz Ketsdever
Row 3- Chuck Barnes, Marilyn Berg House, Carol Eddy Culler, Stephanie Hays Smith, Larry Britton, Carl McElwain, Harry Callander, John McClure, Bob Kirkbride, Rex Prescher, Wayne McKnight, Paul Smith, Paul Young
Row 4-  Tom Pettit, Bob Wilson, Larry Deem, Eula Harris Woodhouse, Bob Heldman, Jim Racer, Don Caltrider, Jim Hathaway, Bill Fordham, Rosalie Brum Karunas 
2012 Reunion article to Times:

Marietta High  School Class of 1957 held its 55 year class reunion September 14, 15, 16.

A variety of events was held and highlighted with a dinner cruise aboard the Valley Gem and a catered dinner at the Marietta Elks Club, ending with brunch, on Sunday, at the Lafayette Hotel. 

All those attending had a most enjoyable time. 

 Attending were: Betty Adams Wheaton, Charles Barnes (Carolyn), Gary Beck (Rita), Sally Benson Deem (Richard), Marilyn Berg House (Howdy), Anne Bolin Morgan, Larry Britton (Ginny), Rosalie Brum Karunas, Harry and Judy Peters Callander, Don Caltrider (Kay), Larry Deem (Sharon), Betty Doak Brown, Carol Eddy Culler (Hal), John Forbes (Peggy),  Bill Fordham (Cynthia),  Abbie Green Hart, Sharon Hall Eddy, Ann Harman Tiber (Charles), Eula Harris Woodhouse (Steve).  Jim Hathaway (JoAnn),  Bob Heldman (Jan), Bob Kirkbride (Janeen),  Ed Kostelnik (Landon & Troy), Helen Kerns Leach (Tom), Libby LaBarre Osborne, Beverly Lankford Harper, Nancy MacVittie Seyler, Don McBride, John McClure (Pat), Carl McElwain, Wayne and Sue Craft McKnight, Rosalie McVey Sheoard (Dick), Patty Moyers Ionno, Tom Pettit (Daille), Rex Prescher (Connie), Jim and Maxine McKnight Racer, Annette Remmele Haddox, Nancy Riley, Tim Rosenbusch (Sue),  Elsie Schwartz Bonnette, Sue Seyler Kelley, Paul and Stephanie Hays Smith, Kristin Soindler Bolden (Bill), Pat Spindler Love.  Velva Stewart Bauerbach, Ann Strecker Brownell (Dave),  Clyta Swartz Patterson (Roger),  Evelyn Swartz Ketsdever, Neva Trippett Sandford, Christopher Sandford. Irene Valentine Stevens (Jerry), Dianne Wehrs Vezza,  Bob Wilson (Linda), Linda Witherspoon Snyder (Dave), Lorraine Wright Stephan (Karl), Paul Young (Becky), John Shank.

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